What We Do

Millenium Advertising is a leading supplier of tenants’ pylons, gantries, mini billboards, lollipops, lightboxes, banners and more. As a supplier of these products, Millenium Advertising has built up a reputation for delivering the most appropriate structure; custom designed wherever possible, for many shopping centres.  We  provide services throughout South Africa and offer “quick-response” maintenance calls for any problems that may occur on any of their structures.  We have already installed, are maintaining and managing numerous shopping centre tenant’s structures for various landlords and property groups around the country.  Broll Properties, Emira Properties and Growthpoint are just a few of the companies that Millenium Advertising supply structures to.

We will also, whenever possible, coordinate the installation of these structures together with the Developers/Architects for the grand openings of new shopping centres.  We can also refurbish existing structures that require maintenance, as well as assist with the management thereof. Alternatively, some of the old existing structures are replaced with newer, modern structures designed to suit the surrounds of the centre.

One of the main reasons for Millenium Advertising’s success, is that these structures are of no cost to the landlord; therefore, assist with the elimination of advertising budget restraints, as well as  offer added value to the shopping centre itself.   By utilizing the Millenium structures, illegal signage is mostly eliminated. Banners, posters and other signage that inadvertently deface these locations are removed, and tenants are given an opportunity to advertise legally and professionally without clutter.  We offer market-related, affordable monthly rentals to the shopping centre tenants, who will always get first option on the spaces available.

We have reliable suppliers which does amazing work and is always ready in case of an emergency or should any changes be needed to the signage or structures.  We always try to clear up any maintenance issues as soon as possible, which in turn keeps the structures